Monday, April 24, 2006

Here Come the ABCs!

Last weekend I was at home for a while with the baby and I thought I would try to draw the animated hippo from the song "Clap Your Hands" on the _Here Come the ABCs_ DVD by They Might be Giants -- the best children's video I've ever seen. I started freeze-framing the DVD (which annoyed her) and doing quick drawings from it (which delighted her).

This became somewhat addictive and I spent an hour or so trying to see if I could capture each of the freeze-frames from the video in 1 minute or less, so before long I had 40 drawings!

I got Isaac to do some too, and was happy to find that with only a little coaching he is actually pretty good at capturing the characters. We'll have to put Isaac into a drawing class sometime, if we can find a good kid's class.

I did a few more drawings with colored crayons (probably spending 3 hours total) and now we have 50 or 60 TMBG drawings stuck around the house, including a series that I drew:

Frame 1: "Everybody's going to learn the ABC's."

Frame 2: "Except me!"

Frame 3: "No!"

Frame 4: "Even you!"

Frame 5: "OK!"

Anyway, it was fun at the time... our house now looks like some kind of
weird shrine or animation studio... ZYX, ZYX, WVUT... SRQ... SRQ... POMNLK... JIHGF... JIHGF... JIHGF... EDCBA... EDC... B... A!!!

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