Sunday, July 13, 2008

Paul and Storm, 3 Tracks Live from Pontiac

I'm in the process of extracting and mastering songs recorded at the Jonathan Coulton show in Pontiac. Here are the first few: 3 Paul and Storm tracks. I don't know if these are the "official" titles. Enjoy!

Oh, I guess that I should emphasize that the Paul and Storm tracks are rated somewhere between G and NC-17... they aren't safe for kids without parental pre-screening, or for listening at work.

1. We Are the Opening Band

2. Count to Ten

3. Nugget Man (featuring Jonathan Coulton on Backing Vocals)

More to come soon! With 3 kids I don't get a great deal of free time to work on this sort of thing so please be patient. The next batches should go faster since I'm getting back up to speed with Logic.

I did not include all the Paul and Storm banter. On the one hand, it was very funny, but on the other hand, some of it fell under "you had to be there." They opened with some dancing and lip-synching to copyrighted material, and I can't include that.

I'm trying mastering these in Logic using the Ozone plug-in. I'd welcome any constructive comments since I have not tried this particular tool set before. If I come up with some parameters that make it sound significantly better, I'll post an improved version. Also, I have not set up all the ID3 fields yet (for example, I don't know how many tracks there will be when I'm done).

Please don't hit my DreamHost server all at once. I just have a regular-guy account. If it goes under and you can't download, please try again later.


Unknown said...

These are excellent, thank you!! If you need someone to mirror them for you, we have Dreamhost as well and would be happy to help out.

valentin_108 said...

This is really cool. Hope in time you get the whole concert up. I'm extremely glad someone is doing this. I love live versions of shows and having a live version of a concert I was at is awesome.

Can't thank you enough.

Ed Golick said...

Hi! My kid is the one who threw the sock monkey onstage at the concert. Is it possible to get a copy of the sock monkey banter, if it's not too much trouble?

Take care,
Ed Golick

Derek said...

You rock man! Great mix; everything is really clear.

Paul R. Potts said...

Ed: I think the sock monkey was part of JoCo's set; I'll make sure it is either with the song or post it as a separate file.

All: thanks for the positive feedback, it makes it worth doing!

Liza said...

Amazing sound quality! Now I REALLY wish I had taken your picture with that groovy set-up. Next time I won't be so shy, I promise :)


Paul R. Potts said...

liza: great pictures!

I wanted to buy one of those signed Thing a Week box set and meet JoCo after the show, but we had to bail out quickly because it was midnight and we still had an hour drive back to Ann Arbor to pick our kids up from our babysitter (we did not expect a Thursday night show to last until midnight!) The sound might have been a little better if I had been somewhere in the middle of the audience except at the back of the room, but we were at the end of the line because we had to grab some food before coming in. Maybe next show, if JoCo passes this way again!