Friday, September 21, 2007

Veronica Makes Puns

Last night our two-year old wanted some of my guitar picks to play with. I was watching to make sure baby Sam did not try to eat any of them. When she was done with them, I counted them with her to make sure none were left on the floor.

One seemed to be missing, so I asked her: "Did baby Sam eat one of the guitar picks?"

She said, I kid you not: "No, he was just picking at it."

Friday, September 14, 2007

Veronica's Singing Career

Veronica now occasionally performs a song for us.

A couple of nights ago, she stood up on one of the toy chests in our living room and sang a song that she made up. It had a melody, mostly, and a regular song structure, with verses and a chorus, and some kind of coda (that is, we thought she was all done, but there was more). I think the lyrics were mostly a list of things that she hated at the moment, which included her dinner, which she had let become cold, and bedtime. After she was done, we applauded her.

She will be three years old on October 29th, 2007 (her birthday is two days before Halloween). One day she'll also be able to say that she has been playing guitar since she was two years old (if your definition of "playing" includes wearing her little Daisy Rock guitar on a strap and strumming at the strings with a pick -- hey, it's a start!)

Sam is not singing yet, but he is always cheerful, loves to play with random items (especially boxes), and says a few words now and then ("Hi Daddy," "Mommy," etc.) He'll be one on October 14th.

It was one of those moments that make me very glad to be a parent!