Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Note to Caribou

I just wrote to Caribou Coffee:

Please come up with a scone recipe that does not contain trans fats.

See this article from New Scientist:

My favorite scone is the lowfat cranberry. I don't actually care if it is low fat or not, but I don't want to eat trans fats. According to your site it has 1g of trans fat. The cinammon chip scone has 2.5g.

I checked this out on your web site, but I didn't really need to see this in print -- I already knew the scones had hydrogenated oil in them. If you go without eating trans fats for a few years, when you have them again you will notice they produce an unpleasant "mouth feel," like a coating in your mouth. The scones would taste much better without that "mouth feel."

Also, it would be helpful if your site actually listed the _ingredients_, not just marketing-speak like "Cape Cod cranberries nestled in buttermilk scone dough."

Thanks for considering this request,


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