Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Photo Picnic (Ketchup on Digital Pictures, Part 1)

Or, playing catch up with iPhoto and Blogger.

The plus side of my relatively cheap digital camera is that memory cards are very cheap, and so I don't feel wasteful taking dozens of photos trying to get good shots. On the minus side, that means I have a huge backlog of photos to pick through. Here are the best of the last few months.

Yesterday (Sunday, 25 May 2008) we took the kids out for dinner at Macaroni Grill in Ann Arbor. The food was pretty good! Here is Sam's fine dining experience.

Waiting for the food to arrive:

He enjoyed the pasta.

Quite a bit.

Even its texture and adhesive properties.

As an exfoliating facial treatment.

Back to coloring.

A Sam's-eye view.

What are you doing with that thing, Daddy?

Give it to me! (Sorry, no).

A top-down view of the aftermath (it could have been worse):

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