Friday, March 10, 2006

Kicking the Dog

Me: speaking to the little "Search" animated dog in Windows XP: "Find all files containingthe phrase "xxxx" looking in "yyyy"
and including all files and folders, searching system folders, searching hidden files and folders, searching subfolders, not case sensitive.

Dog: "OK! I'm done! Here ya go!" (6 files found)

Me: Wait a minute! How come you didn't find

"path\file" ??? Bad dog!

Dog: Drools, wags tail, scratches self, licks self inappropriately, piddles on the screen, gnaws on desktop icons. "Where do you want to go today? Huh? Where?"

Me: How about if you look for only *.zzz files containing "xxxx" ?

Dog: "Woof! I'm all done! No files found!"

Me: "It's time for the shock collar... and where did I leave that rolled up newspaper?"

Dog: "Thank you for using Microsoft Windo... YIPE!!!"

Me: Grrrr....

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ajd said...

Similarly in Spotlight nee Sherlock in OS X Tiger, you can't search for files with a given file extension any more. You can look for files ending in ".zzz" but that would not exclude files without an extension that end in .zzz. That's a nuance, but it'll become significant as developers begin implementing Apple's new file metadata structure meaningfully. It is also annoying because it means you will receive different search results contingent on whether you have file extensions visible or not. I find a UI that suppresses full file names abhorrent, but I can't always choose the computer I use.