Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Donaldson will be on Fantasy Bedtime Hour!

From Stephen R. Donaldson's site:

"I've just finished taping my final Guest Expert appearances on "Heatherly and Julie's Fantasy Bedtime Hour." If you're interested in such things, I'll be in Episodes 39 and 40. And I also took a turn playing Drool Rockworm in the Fantasy Action Sequence for Episode 36. (Or is it 37? I'm confused on this point.)"

What a sport!

I still have not quite decided quite what I think of the show. I find the Fantasy Action Sequences very funny, but most of the humor of the analyses turn on deliberate misreadings of the text, turning it scatological or pornographic, and then hammering on each particular gag until it is not only dead, but smashed unrecognizably flat.

The misreadings are sometimes funny (I'd love to attend an annual Ritual of Desecration!), but it can get a little tedious to watch the girls play dumb. Surely they've learned something about the novel by now? Still, I have to laugh at lines like:

"He's Salt-lick Foamfollower! A legume from the seaweed giants!"

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