Friday, January 26, 2007

Shingles Scars?

When I had my shingles attack, I didn't pick at the blisters that formed -- I swear! They cleared up, but my forehead still looks scarred. It's an odd kind of scarring, though -- it appears to be in the deeper layers of the skin, and is more or less visible depending on the lighting. It looks like purple staining or bruising.

Very strange. It has been about a month and ten days. I wonder if they really will be permanent? It seems like yet another cruel trick of this nasty little virus.

Meanwhile, the pain has continued to subside. I have another acupuncture treatment on Monday. My eye is still touchy, especially in bright light, but I've been able to drive and able to work. That's a big improvement! Now, I didn't really have so much prettiness in me that I can feel good about getting a little bit uglified. But I'll take some uglification over persistent neuropathy any day...

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