Monday, January 14, 2008

Cough, Cough, Cough

We've all been sick -- I'm now on the tail end of some kind of cold/sinus infection that has lasted for over a week. I lost two days of work, as well as most of my productivity on the days I dragged myself in while still coughing. Sam spent a night screaming because it gave him a lot of pain in his ears, but seemed to clear up pretty quickly. Veronica ran a raging fever and slept and seemed to burn it out that way, although she is still coughing a bit and somewhat cranky.

I'm sure the wild swings in weather -- between blizzard and 60 degrees -- that we've had this January have not made things any better. It was probably the stress of our holiday travel that brought down my immune system. Grace pointed out to me that I almost always get sick in January. Last year it was a shingles infection in the eye. By comparison I'm quite grateful to merely be coughing!

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