Friday, July 11, 2008

In the Style of Paul and Storm Imitating the Style of Jonathan Coulton

I'm working on a Song-Fu-like song, inspired by hearing P&S's song in JoCo's style. Mine is... in the style of P&S imitating the style of JoCo.

It's called "Replicator Night at Jonathan's Pub." It's sung like a pirate drinking song (how else?)

Note that all my content is Creative Commons, Non-commercial, attribution licensed, so if you'd like to help me finish it, please post a comment, and you are free to use it.

The chorus goes:

Oh, Misters Coulton sit at the bar,
admiring their many reflections.
And all their admirers are lined up to chat 'em up,
in a dozen different directions.

It's replicator night at Jonathan's Pub
Pitchers are only a dime
But the buckets of Miller taste exactly like
The ones you ordered last time.

And I didn't think I'd have any fun,
I was miserable, horny, alone
But by our third drink, we were all over myselves...
I think it's time all of me went on home!


[It needs a first verse!]


Peter and Meg were next in the booth
They should not have gone in together, in truth.
When they came out they looked a little unsteady.
Maybe their relationship wasn't quite ready.
He's deep in her heart, and they're joined at the hip [shouted: "literally!"]
There are three of it sharing one artichoke dip.
They've accepted this turn of events with aplomb,
Though he/she is determined to get even more bombed.
They've got fifteen arms, and eight or nine legs,
We'll all just call them all Meter and Peg.


My wife just called me on all our cell phones
We can't stay here, but we can't go to our homes...
Now I'm really confused, I'm in replicant hells
I don't think I could ever explain ourselves [shouted: "if we tried!"]
My clones are claiming that I'm not the original
They've told me I've got to be made discon-tin-ual
They're going to stuff me back in the box
as soon as I finish my bagel and lox.
They'll reverse the polarity...
Flip the big switch...
Invert my parity...
I'm starting to itch...
It's time to finish this caution-'ry story...
in fifteen seconds it's going to get gory


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