Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photo Ketchup, September 17 2008 Edition

It seems like I'm always blurry with red eyes. I guess I vibrate too fast and don't get enough sleep. Do these frames make my eyes look fat?

My stepmother Cheryl. She smiles a lot in person, but it's hard to get a good smile out of her when there's a camera pointed her way.

My father recording "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" with his 1950s Martin ukulele, in our living room. The blue box to the right is an absolute necessity for anyone who sets up an intonates stringed instruments: a Peterson virtual strobe tuner (quite a bit more accurate than your usual guitar tuner).

Baby Sam-a-lot, getting ready for a bike ride with his big brother.

My father found some bizarre rocks on Lake Superior in Grand Marais, including a Petoskey stone which, as far as I can tell, should not have been there (my best guess is that it was actually dumped there when someone decomissioned a collection).

My favorite was a granite rock (I think it's all granite, but I'm not a geologist; it's definitely metamorphic, but it could be partly a gneiss piece of schist, hahaha) with layers, one of which was folded into an "S" shape, obviously a signature rock from Lake Superior.

The folded layer ran all the way through the piece, forming a reverse "S" on the other side. It blows my mind a little trying to imagine the conditions under which rock would fold and melt and bend like that.

Veronica was very excited about her first day of pre-school, and the pretty pink dress and hair band she wore.

And she loves to chill out after a hard day of pre-school with a little funk bass. Doesn't everybody? Oh, yeah.

The bass is a Godin Freeway 4-string I found used for a great price. I set it up with flat-wound strings and it sounds great. I cancelled the fancy Steinberger Synapse 5-string fretted bass I had on back order. This in combination with my 5-string Synapse fretless is more than enough variety in bass for the time being.

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