Friday, December 23, 2011

Dark Age: Feudal Lords Want List (Update)

Thanks to some very helpful replies I've gotten from people answering my posts, I've acquired a few more cardsand so my "want" list is smaller. Here's what I want to trade for most urgently (cards I don't have at all):
  • Leader: Bad Doc Leader
  • Leader: Clergy Ann
  • Sewage Plant/War Shelter/Killing Grounds
  • Location: Water Hole/Rooftops/Bar
  • Supply: Artifact: Brain Expander
  • Supply: Artifact: Efficiency Bot
If I got these, I would then have a complete set. I also have only one each of the following cards, so I do not have copies of these available to trade, and I'd be happy to trade for additional copies:
  • Character: Red
  • Instant: Blood Ritual
  • Instant: Frustrate Defense
  • Instant: Nope
  • Instant: Once More Into the Fray
  • Leader: Mercenary Leader
  • Leader: Warhead Leader
  • Leader: Warknight Leader
  • Location: Great Hall / Sewers / Machine Core
  • Location: Safety Tunnels / Acrid Fields / Labyrinth
  • Skill: Field Medic
  • Skill: Hypnotism
  • Skill: Quick Shot
  • Artifact: Digger Bot (foil)
  • Artifact: Wise Leader (foil)
  • Supply: HooDoo Totem
  • Supply: Terrorist Bot
  • Supply: Weaponsmith
  • Victory: I Hear Good Things
  • Weapon: Flash Grenades
  • Weapon: Heavy Armor
  • Weapon: Hell Blade
I have duplicates of every other card available for trade. Let me know what you are looking for. You can leave a comment with an e-mail address, and I will not publish it (comments on this blog are moderated). I am considering whether it might possibly be useful to put up cards for sale on eBay, perhaps a generic buy-it-now for any common, another for uncommon, and a third for rares. If you have an interest in that, let me know.

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