Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mythos Limited and Dreamlands Cards for Trade

I have complete collections of Mythos Limited and Mythos Dreamlands cards and would be happy to trade to "even out" my collection, with two exceptions: I don't have any spares of the rare cards "Dendrophobia" and "The Lonely House in the Woods" (so I'd especially like to trade for these, if you have them).

Mythos New Aeon is another matter entirely -- I have a long "need" list of rares from that set (search this blog for "New Aeon" to find my latest list).

If you'd like to trade, leave me a comment with your e-mail address. Comments are moderated. I won't publish your e-mail address here on the blog, but I'll send you a note and we can talk about it via e-mail.

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