Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Situation (Day 88)

I received word back (via paper mail) from the State of Michigan saying that my claim for 3 weeks of unemployment compensation, for the weeks ending April 27, May 4, and May 11 (see my earlier posts) is denied. The form I got back said I had it is found that "you did not report (certify) as directed and had no good cause for failing to report (certify)."

The cause I reported was that I missed certifying online by one business day because I was distracted by recruiters and interviews. In other words, because I was concentrating so much on searching for a suitable job. What would have been good cause, I wonder?

So, er, let this be a lesson to all you slackers!

It says I have the right to appeal in writing. Would there be any point to that, I wonder?

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Liz said...

Yes. Do NOT let the bastards get away with this BS. Appeal, if only for the sake of irritating one of these officious bureaucrats.