Friday, July 14, 2006

Chapter Two of Boats of the Glen Carrig

Is finished! I'm editing chapter 3. I'm imagining I'll be able to release two to three chapters a week, when I get my process smoothed out a bit more. Perhaps that's optimistic, but it is my goal. That should have my finishing the novel sometime before my birthday!

Meanwhile, I may interrupt the flow of Glen Carrig chapters with remastered Carnacki or Captain Gault stories, just to change things up. Since they are already recorded and edited, if I can get a decent voice sound with the compressor, EQ, and the rest, I'll go ahead and do those, or at least those that sound the best. I think I'll hold off on tackling any more of The Night Land, at least until fall, but who knows? Maybe I'll get inspired. Andy Robertson of suggested I consider excerpts, rather than a full reading, and that seems like a good idea, but picking out excerpts that fit together is itself a big job!

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