Monday, July 14, 2008

Jonathan Coulton's Set, First Part

You can get the file listing directly from the server here.

I'm adding:

11. The Future Soon
12. Ikea
13. Banter about Ikea
14. Shop Vac
15. Still Alive
16. Banter about Portal
17. Banter about Code Monkey
18. Code Monkey
19. Banter about Tenori-on and My Monkey
20. My Monkey

Track 4 (by Paul and Storm) is now correctly identified as "Mother's Day Song." If you downloaded it earlier, you don't have to download it again, I just changed the ID3 tag. If you're using iTunes, just do "Get Info" and change the song name.

More to come later.


valentin_108 said...

This is so cool. Thanks again.

John T. Hopkins said...

You are a god among men for doing this! I think my nephews and I were standing next to you while you were recording. We had such a great time seeing the amazing JoCo and I can't thank you enough for preserving the great music from that evening!

Paul R. Potts said...

Wow, what a response! I just hope it will get more people interested in seeing the live shows and supporting these musicians.

I remember you and your nephews. I think they are on the recording talking on their iPhones at one point... : )

John T. Hopkins said...

Um, yeah, sorry...that was the oldest who is completely clueless about decorum at an intimate venue like that. I did give him a stern lecture about his unbelievable rudeness. I was pretty upset with him over that.